Kissing Comanecis for Bifurcation Aneurysms

Remodeling for wide necked bifurcation aneurysms can be challenging. The controlled use of two kissing Comanecis, can be a powerful solution for optimal coiling without flow arrest. Question: "Is it safe to use two devices in parallel ?" "The Comaneci kissing technique is safethanks to its closed and dense braid configuration, and effective due to its compliance & controllability" Matan Gedulter Director of R&D and Engineering

Live Case from Alice 2018, Essen Germany

Live Comaneci Case, Alice 2018, Essen Germany: 70 y. Female Meniere vertigo Incidental 7 mm right MCA aneurysm Treatment strategy: Selective access to each division branch, if required. Balloon in one division branch. Comaneci in the second division branch. Coiling Half T or regular stenting Courtesy of Prof. Chapot Rene, Alfred Krupp, Essen, Germany Comaneci support for AVM treatment navigation. Courtesy of Prof. Chapot Rene, Alfried Krupp, Essen, Germany

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