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Controllable Guidewire

Not Available in the U.S

Engineered for Safety


  • Adjust diameter to overcome excessive resistance during retrieval

  • Incremental control

  • Adjustable RF

Delivery Profile

  • Deliver larger devices through smaller microcatheters

Max OD         6mm        4mm        2.5mm

Tiger              0.021”      0.017”       0.013”

Competitor     0.027”      0.021”        NA

Braided Design

  • Single piece shaft and stent reduces risk of detachment

  • High vessel compliance

  • “J” Shaped Soft Tip


  • 100% radiopaque wires provide realtime feedback


 Columbus :


Net Length: 32 mm    

Compatibility: 0.021” ID microcatheter

Diameter: 1.5 - 6 mm


4.5 mm


4.5 mm

Columbus Videos:

Case Studies

Example case 1#

71 year old female

MCA & ACA occlusion treated with Tigertriever

Images courtesy of: Prof. Rene Chapot, Alfried Krupp Krankenhaus, Essen, Germany



Tiger - 1 pass MCA

Tiger - 1 pass ACA

Retrieved clots (MCA and ACA)


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