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External links official website Category:2012 software Category:Darktable Category:Digital photographyResidence time and T(1) increase during interpulmonary injection of Gd-DTPA with very high b value. Interpulmonary injection of 0.1 mmol/kg Gd-DTPA is used for dynamic T(1)-weighted MR imaging of the lung. However, contrast enhancement increases rapidly after injection, and is accompanied by a simultaneous increase of the T(1) relaxation time, thus making the evaluation of the intravenously injected contrast medium in the lung difficult. In this study we tried to shorten the acquisition time after injection and to reduce the T(1) increase during the interpulmonary injection of Gd-DTPA by increasing the b value of the sequence. The interval between the beginning of injection and the acquisition of the second images after the contrast agent was also shortened in some cases. These modifications reduced the T(1) increase by the contrast medium by a factor of 2.5, with no significant effect on the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). It was found that the shortest interval between injection and acquisition could be achieved when the b value was 3000 s/mm(2). However, the final T(1) of the contrast medium did not increase more than 35%.It is the idea of all sides of a plot to make the other side look bad. A plot is "by and large" a good thing. A typical misconception is to think that there are only two types of plots: one side good, one side bad. Most conflict is a dynamic cycle that moves from one side doing bad to the other side doing bad, to the other side doing bad, and back to the first side doing bad. "It's All a Plot" This often leads people to think that the motives of the actors are just the plot of the play, not the heart of the playwright. For example, the main character in a play is not the most important thing. It is like the character in a radio drama, which is often quite silly. As in a radio drama, the action, events, and the heart of the play are the most important. A common mistake is to think that the most important thing is the plot. Since the plot is what everyone is interested in, it is the most important thing. What is important



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