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Rapid Medical Enters Kazakhstan Market

Rapid Medical Enters Kazakhstan Market

Organized by Dr. Mynzhylky Berdikhojayev of the Presidential Hospital Almati in Kazakhstan, participants heard from visiting physician, Dr. Stanimir Sirakov, UH St. Ivan Rilski of Sofia, Bulgaria. Dr. Sirakov captivated the audience with his summary of having used the Comaneci in 50 cases to treat aneurysms. Moreover, he accompanied Dr. Berdikhojayev to the hospital's nearby cath lab and supervised as Dr. Berdikhojayev successfully used the Comaneci on a patient for his first time.

The Comaneci is now being used in some 20 countries in the world, vastly improving the chances of a favorable outcome, as it preserves constant blood flow into the inter-cranial arteries in a way that balloon remodeling techniques cannot. Rapid Medical provides every means of support to medical centers in countries around the world that have chosen to use the Comaneci for their aneurysm patients.

From 24/7 availability to answer any question that arises, to flying an expert practitioner out on site to oversee procedures and ensure best practices, Rapid Medical is a true partner in the mission to save lives

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