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Para Ophthalmic Aneurysm With The Help of Comaneci 17

Another great #Comaneci case with Dr. Lee Birnbaum at University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. After successfully treating the patient’s para ophthalmic aneurysm with the help of Comaneci 17, Dr. Birnbaum brought the patient back to treat the ICA terminus aneurysm with assistance of Comaneci Regular. The aneurysm was extremely wide necked and wouldn’t have been treatable without the assistance of an adjunctive device. Comaneci was delivered through Phenom 21 with Target coils being delivered through a straight SL-10. In order to get the coils to stay in place and stable, Dr. Birnbaum found success by partially unsheathing the Comaneci and flowering the device into the aneurysm. The result was outstanding. #LeaveNothingBehind


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