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Stable Despite Heavy Pulsation

In-Practice: A 35 y/o female with a wide-neck aneurysm (originating in a fenestration of the ICA) was safely treated using #Comaneci assisted coiling, despite heavy pulsations.

"The Comaneci device remained secure throughout the procedure, and stabilized the pre-shaped MC within the aneurysm, even during heavy pulsations. As a result, dense packing of the aneurysm sac was achieved."

Well done Dr. Johannes Weber! Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Switzerland.


Sofia 6F 115cm

SL10 Coiling mc

Headway 21 Comaneci mc

Synchro Wire x 2

Target Coil x 5

Pre-medication ASS100 and Plavix 75 7d before procedure, Multiplate test before coiling with good respondence.


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