NIHSS 9 dropped to 1

85/F ACCESSORY LACA occlusion 6 hrs onset to puncture Motor aphasia, mild hemiparesis Large pneumbra In LACA territory TIGERTRIEVER 17 + ASPIRATION TICI 2C Puncture to Recanalization = 40 min NIHSS 9 dropped to 1 Dr. Guy Raphaeli, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva, Israel Read More on Linked-In ------->

Secondary Occlusion - Tigertriever 13 for the Rescue

From NIHSS 16 a drop down to NIHSS 5 post procedure. Tandem occlusion with distal embolization in young male patient , neva m1 for proximal and TIGERTRIEVER 13 for distal MT , wall stent across lession on the proximal ACI. Dr. Vladimir Kalousek, Zagreb, Croatia Read More on Linked-In --------->

"Very Soft Device..." Tigertriever 13 - Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Vladimir Kalousek together with Dr. Tomislav Krpan, University Hospital Sestre Milosrdnice, Zagreb, Croatia - Performed 2 Tigertriever 13 cases, one after another with excellent results. Dr. Kalousek was very happy that: " Tigertriever is a very soft device so anatomy doesn't straighten as much.." Read more on Linked-In -------->

Comaneci Assisted Coiling - Ruptured ACOM

56/F WFNS 3, recurrent SAH Previously ruptured ACOM 2 months ago Comaneci assisted coiling without heparin throughout whole procedure. 4 Target coils SL 10 CROSSOVER: RT A1 - ACOM - LT A2 . The use in Comaneci in this case reduced the risk of rupture in the Bleb at the level of the neck because it doesn’t raise the intra-sacular pressure when fully opened similar to a balloon. The procedure terminated successfully and uneventful Dr. Guy Raphaeli, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva, Israel Read it on Linked In ------>

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