September is Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month

At Rapid Medical, its our mission to continue the development of technologies to improve the treatment of #Stroke for safer and better patient outcomes. A brain aneurysm is a weak, bulging area in an artery in the brain, analogous to a thin balloon or a weak spot on a tire’s inner tube. Because its walls may be weak and thin, an aneurysm is at risk of rupturing. If an aneurysm ruptures, blood spills into the space between the skull and the brain, causing a serious type of #stroke known as a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). #Comaneci, the embolization-assist device, enables physicians to safely occlude the aneurysm with coils while maintaining continuous blood flow to the brain. The #Comaneci

Comaneci Petit Assists a PCOM Aneurysm Coil Embolization

Congratulations to Dr. Ricardo Hanel, Director of Baptist Neurological Institute, Jacksonville, FL. Comaneci Petit was successfully delivered through a Phenom 21 to assist a PCOM aneurysm coil embolization. Excellent results Dr. Ricardo Hanel ! Read More on Linked In ------->

Ruptured PCOM Aneurysm Treated with Comaneci 17

Dr. Alex Georgiadis’s first Comaneci Case at McAllen Medical Center in McAllen, TX with Dr. Ameer Hassan. Ruptured PCOM aneurysm was treated with Comaneci17 through Headway 17 and the Balt Ballast Sheath. Congratulations Dr. Georgiadis!

Carotid Terminus Occlusion, Single Pass, TICI lll

77 year old male, with a wake up stroke – Carotis terminus occlusion, NIHSS 16 - Conducted by Ralf Schneider MD, Zentrum für Integrierte Rehabilitation in den RKU - Universitäts- und Rehabilitationskliniken Ulm, Germany 122 minute door to full reperfusion ( TICI lll ) with 1 pass of Tigertriever: 5:48 Patient hospitalized 6:06 Physician is called 7:00 Groin puncture 7:42 Perfusion restored – TICI III 1st pass with Tigertriever Set up: -Flowgate - Balloon Guide Catheter -Catalyst 7 -Distal Access Catheter -Rebar 18 MC navigated by TransendEx 0.014 GW -Tigertriever -Medela aspiration pump - for aspiration catheter -Vacloc syringe - for balloon guide catheter

Tiger XL pulls out XL-clot

''Tiger XL pulls out XL-clot. First application, first try. Worked well. New device for large vessels and long clots. Opens up to 9mm. 53mm length" Dr. Alexander von Hessling, Head of Neuroradiology, Luzerner Kantonsspital, Switzerland, shares his first experience with TigertrieverXL for large strokes. The latest device from Rapid Medical to received CE mark, it expands up to 9 mm in diameter and is 53 mm long. Read more on Linked In ----->

"No stent and no long term dual anti-platelet regimen"

"Comaneci saved my patient from needing a stent and long term dual anti-platelet regimen post procedure. Comaneci also allowed me to gain greater packing density because it’s ability to support the microcatheter from kicking out, allowing me to fit additional coils“ Dr. Kurt Reuland, Christus Mother Frances Hospital, Tyler, TX.

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