Anatomic Compliance for Optimal Support

Congratulations to Dr. Jorge L Eller for completing the first Comaneci assisted coiling in Syracuse, NY at Crouse Health. Comaneci 17 was used to assist with an ACOM aneurysm embolization. Excellent result Dr. Eller!

The Perfect Wide Neck Aneurysm Coverage

60 year old female with a wide necked Basilar tip aneurysm. Comaneci Petit, delivered by Rebar 14 micro-catheter, assisted coils with optimal neck coverage, continues blood flow and No Stent Left Behind. Very nice outcome Dr. Stefano Vallone, and team from Ospedale Civile di Baggiovara (Modena), Italy - Thank you for sharing!

"Tigertriever 17 in Action"

MCA bifurcation occlusion in functional 93 y old male , first pass tiger 17 action. Dr. Vladimir Kalousek, University Hospital Sestre Milosrdnice, Zagreb, Croatia Read More on Twitter----->>>

Comaneci Goes Trans-Radial Access

Congratulations to Dr. Hakeem Shakir and the St. Anthony Hospital Neurointervention team on their first Comaneci assisted coiling (first in Oklahoma City as well), deployed in a transradial access! Excellent results!

TICI 2b or TICI 3

How would you treat this case: NIHSS 15 Left P1-2, 2 passes and good recanalization with Trevo3x20, Stryker_NV 5h after symptoms onset. TICI 2b after 2 passes of #Trevo3x20, Stryker_NV and Sofia 5F, MicroventionTerumo. The patient was young, small DWI lesion, high NIHSS... let's try one last pass because TICI 3 is better than 2b in all trials. So we tried a last pass with a TigerTriever13, Rapid Medical over a HeadwayDuo And get a TICI3 Patient woke up NIH 6 (procedure under GA). Dr. Adrien Guenego, MD, UnitedNeuroInterventionist Read More on Twitter ------>

Wide Necked ICA Terminus Aneurysm

Congratulations to Dr. Alan Reeves for completing the first Comaneci assisted coiling in the state of Kansas at the University of Kansas Hospital. Comaneci 17 was used to assist with ICA terminus aneurysm embolization. Excellent result Dr. Reeves!

Tigertriever 17 For The Rescue

84/ F Global aphasia Forced gaze deviation Nihss 15 Delayed transfer from primary stroke center Huge penumbra Distal LMCA M1 Sup. division occlusion First two attempts without success (other stentrievers) One pass with #Tiger 17 - TICI 2b Dr. Guy Raphaeli, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva, Israel Read more on Linked-In ------->

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