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TICI 2b or TICI 3

How would you treat this case:

NIHSS 15 Left P1-2, 2 passes and good recanalization with Trevo3x20, Stryker_NV

5h after symptoms onset.

TICI 2b after 2 passes of #Trevo3x20, Stryker_NV

and Sofia 5F, MicroventionTerumo. The patient was young, small DWI lesion, high NIHSS... let's try one last pass because TICI 3 is better than 2b in all trials.

So we tried a last pass with a TigerTriever13, Rapid Medical

over a HeadwayDuo And get a TICI3 Patient woke up NIH 6 (procedure under GA).

Dr. Adrien Guenego, MD, UnitedNeuroInterventionist

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