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M3-M4 Occlusion Successfully treated with Tigertriever 13

68/F, wake-up stroke with Right M1 middle cerebral artery; moderate penumbra (50% CBV\CBF mismatch) ; ASPECT 6/10.

Under Eliquis due to atrial fibrillation. Following contact aspiration from M1 segment, Distal EDT (emboli in distal territory) M3-M4 occlusion of parietal branch was documented. First pass effect (FPE) with #Tigertriever13 (through #DUO 1.3F) was performed via intermediate aspiration catheter #ACE688, Penumbra) with a complete recanalization. At the end TICI 3 was achieved. The procedure passed uneventfully.

Dr. Guy Raphaeli, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva, Israel


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