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"Stable Coiling MC and Easy to Use"

First #Comaneci Case Alert, Dr. Sabih Effendi from Houston Methodist, Woodlands, Texas treated successfully a left ICA, 8X5mm sidewall aneurysm 3.2mm vessel diameter treated with #ComaneciPetit.

Great feedback from Dr. Effendi, which was very happy with

Comaneci's ease of use and stability during the 13 coils deployment of a tortuous anatomy. Well done Dr. Effendi!!!

Guide Catheter: 6F Benchmark 071 (Penumbra, Inc.)

Coil MC: SL-10 straight (Stryker Neurovascular)

Comaneci MC: Phenom 21 160cm (Medtronic Neurovascular)

Wire: Synchro (Stryker Neurovascular)


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