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We Call It: Better Grip On The Clot

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

IN-PRACTICE: Learn how Dr. Guy Raphaeli MD. at Rabin Medical Center in Israel, successfully opened this M1 occlusion and retrieved this challenging, black looking clot:

“Impressive to see how the clot was engaged and trapped by the #TIGER between its struts. In addition, the combination of different sizes of Tiger (#Tiger and #Tiger17), according to the occlusion site and the size of the involved segment, enables safe and efficient retrieval of the clot”

We call it:

73/M Severe generalized vasculopathy - CABG, PVD, active heavy smoker, HTN.

Save Technique:

1st pass M1 - #Tigertriever + Ace 68 - mTICI 2a

2nd pass M2 - #Tigertriever17 + Ace 68 - mTICI 3

Puncture-to-Recanalization 45 min


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